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Thai Herbal Massage

Ideal for relaxing aching muscles and soothing the effects of sporting injuries or other physical stress, a Thai herbal massage is a wonderful option for people who need a calming experience to induce blissful relaxation.

A beautiful way to unwind after a stressful few days or as a way to give yourself a well-deserved reward, Thai herbal massages have lots of lasting health benefits; it is believed that they calm the nerves and replenish your body’s natural energy.

Choose a Thai herbal massage for either 30 minutes or a longer, more relaxing 60 minutes. Your therapist uses a carefully selected pouch of steamed Thai herbs to expertly treat the areas of your body most in need of relief, targeting specific areas and muscle groups. The herb pouch (or bolus) consists of several different types of Thai herbs and spices wrapped tightly in a cotton cloth and infused with steam. This results in a gentler touch on the body than the therapist’s hands.

As well as relieving physical strain and stress, this traditional Thai massage experience is the perfect way to unwind mentally. It is much gentler than many other massage techniques and has a deeply calming effect.

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Price: AED 140 / 260 (30 / 60 min)

AED 140 - 260

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