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Blooming Revive Journey

Enjoy the tranquil atmosphere as our expert therapists revivify your body. You can benefit from our extensive skills and knowledge of a wide variety of therapies with a combination of movements and techniques in this blissful massage. If you have a preference for a particular type of massage, you can also opt for a single technique from the host of styles on offer.

You may choose to unwind with a Swedish massage, where our therapists will work to relax your entire body. They will rub your muscles with long gliding strokes in the direction of the blood flow returning to your heart. Additional techniques used in this type of massage include applying circular pressure with the hands and palms, kneading, firm tapping, stretching and bending.

Another option is shiatsu, which originated in Japan and is based on the traditions of Chinese medicine. Our experts will use touch and comfortable pressure, and will manipulate your body to balance your energy and enhance your holistic well-being.

In addition, you may wish to try Thai yoga massage. This technique promotes deep healing and free flowing energy using elements such as acupressure, yoga, physiotherapy and meditation. Another choice is Ayurvedic massage, an indulgent treatment which combines the use of soothing oils, music and bodywork techniques. You may also wish to try reflexology – specialised foot massage – for intense relaxation and better general health.

The Blooming Revive Journey can help to increase the level of oxygen in the blood, eliminate muscle toxins, improve circulation and flexibility, and decrease stress and tension.

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