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Essential Radiance Facial

Let science work its magic on your skin with this luxurious treatment to promote a superbly radiant complexion. This facial uses hystomeric cell extracts to enhance the appearance and condition of your skin.

Hystomeric cells contain special substances called polyquinoids which have a well-defined chemical structure and are known to interact positively with skin cells and achieve excellent results when used as part of your skincare routine. They are able to activate the mitochondria inside each of your skin cells, noticeably improving its radiance, vitality and levels of hydration.

This treatment is also expertly designed to stimulate the regeneration of your skin and encourage its elasticity in order to contribute to a much softer, smoother, more youthful appearance.

The hystomeric cells, which are of vegetable origin, are able to penetrate and nourish deep within the different layers of your skin to achieve optimum results every time you choose to enjoy this sumptuous treatment.

You can expect to feel totally relaxed and rejuvenated as we gently encourage the renewal of your skin, leaving it perfectly balanced and refreshed.

Suitable for all skin types, the Essential Radiance Facial is the perfect treat for yourself, your friends or your family members.

AED 200

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