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Royal Moroccan Bath

For the ultimate relaxing experience, look no further than our Royal Moroccan Bath. This premium, innovative treatment begins with our normal Moroccan bath package.

Enjoy this traditional cleansing ritual using black Moroccan soap – which is rich in minerals – and eucalyptus to leave your skin feeling smooth and fully moisturised. This natural oriental mineral body mask will help you to unwind and will be followed by an exfoliating treatment using a traditional kissa glove.

You can expect to find that your skin is clearer, its oils are more balanced and that you have better circulation and reduced symptoms of stress, tension and anxiety.

You will then be treated to an organic hot oil hair treatment to replenish its natural moisture, which can be easily destroyed by adverse weather conditions, styling and a stressful lifestyle. This will leave your hair shiny and soft, limiting the chances of split ends, breakage and frizz occurring.

Next, it will be time to rejuvenate your skin from head to toe with a full body whitening and nourishing mask.

The finale of this deluxe treatment is a 10-minute body lotion massage to ensure that your skin is in optimum condition and you feel tranquil and relieved of stress and tension.

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