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Persian Bath with Sefidab-Rushoor

Unveil a radiant new you with this ancient Iranian beauty treatment. Sefidab (meaning ‘white water’) is a cosmetic and cleanser which is a highly effective exfoliator. No matter your skin type, you can enjoy its soothing benefits and give your skin a healthy glow.

Suitable for your face and body, this scrub will replenish your skin, promoting clarity, nourishment, elasticity and a perfectly balanced complexion. Following your revitalising sefidab scrub, we offer an advanced skincare treatment and a relaxation shower gel to enhance this luxurious experience.

This 45-minute beauty treatment concludes with the application of our emollient, non-greasy homemade body lotion, which will leave your skin silky smooth and in optimum condition.

Sefidab is a white-coloured substance comprised of animal fat and natural minerals which is excellent at helping skin to become its best – shiny, thoroughly cleansed and rejuvenated. When paired with a scrubbing mitt, it is an excellent product to exfoliate skin and create an appearance to be envied wherever you go.

An essential part of traditional Iranian bathing, sefidab is a beauty secret which has not been forgotten since antiquity.

Contact us today if you wish to discover why – and what our luxury sefidab treatment can do for your skin.

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