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Normal Moroccan Bath

This traditional cleansing ritual has been used to promote health and well-being for aeons. It cleanses your skin, leaving it soft to the touch and receptive to the products you use as part of your ordinary beauty regime.

Following a normal Moroccan bath, you can expect to notice that the clarity and elasticity of your skin have greatly improved. Your skin will be nourished with vitamins and minerals and you will be less prone to breakouts due to its assistance with balancing the secretion of oil in your skin.

Furthermore, it aids with the circulation of blood around your body and relaxes your muscles. In addition to its advantages for physical health, it is also known for its beneficial emotional effects, including reducing tension and anxiety.

Our hammam sequence gives you 45 minutes of pure indulgence. We use black Moroccan soap, which is renowned for its rich mineral properties, and invigorating eucalyptus to cleanse and hydrate your skin.

Once we have applied the natural oriental mineral body mask, we then exfoliate your skin using a traditional kissa glove to achieve fantastic results.

The difficulties we face in our lives take their toll on our skin – why not look and feel great using the bountiful healing products found in nature?

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