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Bally Ritual Javanese Lulur

Cleanse your skin with an exotic natural exfoliator during this traditional Javanese health and beauty ritual.

Our experts will treat you to this indulgent body scrub which has been used by the ladies of the royal family for hundreds of years as part of their beauty routine to give their skin an enviable glow.

A selection of finely ground Javanese native herbs and spices, including pandanus leaves, turmeric, curcuma heyneana and rice powder, are combined in our sumptuous Lular mix to leave your skin supple, smooth and silky with an alluring scent.

Your dead skin cells will be removed, revitalising your skin and promoting clarity, elasticity and the balancing of oils. Exfoliating your skin is also great for reducing fine lines and sun damage, improving your skin tone, brightening your complexion, killing bacteria, preventing breakouts of spots and allowing the beauty products you use as part of your ordinary routine to penetrate your skin more effectively.

Enjoy the benefits of the beauty knowledge collected over the centuries to give your skin a fantastic appearance. The experience is both luxurious and relaxing – a perfect treat to evoke the natural beauty of the Indonesian island it originates from without reaching for your passport.

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