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Tattoo Micropigmentation

If you’re in need of glamorous beauty treatments, then you’ve made the right choice by coming to Morning Glory Health Club & Spa, where we always put you and your health first.

Visit us for all of your semi-permanent makeup needs, which you might also know as Micropigmentation. Our results are sure to satisfy, with your women’s features enhanced to your liking for anything up to 2 years for lips and eye liner, and 10 months for eyebrows.

Imagine not having to worry about getting ready in a rush ever again! With semi-permanent makeup, you can book for a top-up as you wish so it’s never a problem. Proven to improve confidence and help with inner-happiness, our dedicated team look forward to using their skills to add to the quality of your life.

We offer treatments to pigment your eyebrows and eyes to your preferences, as well as tattooed lip liner, full lips and more extensive body art on request.


Eyebrow AED 1500-2000
Eye AED 1800
Lip Liner AED 1800
Full Lip AED 2500
Body Art On Request
Golden Tattoo On Request

For more information and to book a treatment, call us on 04 288 1166 and we’ll be happy to help with your enquiries.


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