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Kids Classes

Kids just want to have fun and they can be best taught about health and fitness while making exercise a fun thing for them. At Morning Glory, we’ve designed the kids’ classes keeping the fun factor in mind.

Our biggest challenge is to help children develop active and positive lifestyles. By integrating knowledge and activity we help convince children that exercise is important to their well-being and increase the chance that physical activity will become a permanent part of their daily lives. Our Kids’ Classes include the fundamentals of fitness as well as the following components:

  • Agility, Steadiness, Coordination and Strength training drills
  • Introduction to the essential components of fitness—cardiovascular,stamina and strength
  • Motor skills development and enrichment
  • Sports skills and drills

With each session, they’ll enjoy indulging in Kids Kickboxing, Yoga, Bootcamp, Rollercise and more. Once children begin to habitually incorporate fitness into their experience, they are more likely to modify other health factors to complement their healthy lifestyles.

Keep your kids active and feeling great with our Kids’ Classes – and help them develop healthy habits and have fun working out with experienced instructors who love kids and have a passion for fitness.


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Corporate Wellness

In today’s competitive workplace, elite employers are looking for ways to not only entice but also retain the best workforce. One perk of the job which helps attract employees and improve productivity is gym membership, such as that offered at Morning Glory. There’s a variety of packages available.

The benefits of exercise are well documented and it can help employees avoid absences caused by illness and pain. As part of a corporate wellness programme, membership of Morning Glory will not only help attract employees but also improve productivity, as those who are suffering from corporate stress have the opportunity to work out any tension.

With exercise such as Zumba, Pilates, belly dance and other classes, as well as working out with traditional gym equipment, you’ll find your endorphins pumping and then you can relax in the sauna or steam room.

In addition to the fitness facilities, there’s also an on-site body and soul bliss service. Treatments on offer include pedicures, waxing, facials, hot shell massage and hammam. With all body and soul bliss services, there’s a complimentary healing drink. At Morning Glory, you may come in stressed, but you’ll leave revitalised.

From AED 800

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Group Exercises

Our comprehensive range of group exercise classes provide the perfect mix of physical activity and the opportunity to socialise with your fellow fitness enthusiasts – everything is designed to be both worthwhile and fun! Why not commit to a block of ten continuous sessions at a generous discount?

Our classes include:

  • Aerobics
  • Pilates
  • Zumba
  • Belly dancing
  • Yoga



From AED 50

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Nutrition & Diet Plan

Statistics about the importance of nutrition being part of a balanced lifestyle will vary slightly depending on who you speak to, but doing plenty of exercise will be virtually worthless if you are not fuelling your body with the right types of food.

Lily Mueller Valkenberg and Victoria Tipper work very closely with Morning Glory Spa to come up with bespoke nutrition and diet plans for their clients, and all of their work revolves around the key principle that there is a significant link between your dietary habits, your overall well-being and your general risk of suffering from certain diseases.

These services are about far more than just getting a plan of the meals you should eat – the sessions will leave you with the ability to take control of your dietary habits and to also overcome the psychological hurdles than can prevent you from making the right choices in your day-to-day eating and drinking.

If your long-term goals involve general good health, weight loss, preparation for a fitness event or any other situation where optimal nutrition is a must, these professionals can ensure you have everything you need to take responsibility for your own eating habits.

Prices available upon request. Call 04 288 1166 for more information.


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